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How to use sustainable solutions for your networks?

What do we serve?

Italians love espresso for its strong and intense flavor. They drink it quickly, in three sips, to energise themselves. Scientists have proven that our brain likes short presentations. That’s why the most famous TEDx lectures last no longer than 18 minutes. Coffee Breaks with Salumanus combines the power of espresso and science to bring you three essential, 6-minute presentations on the latest data technologies. Just right for your morning coffee.

What do we talk about?

Well-built and managed networks improve life quality for all of us. We are going to discuss about sustainable solutions for your networks.

23rd of March you’ll find out: 

Short technology presentations.

We respect your time, so we have prepared three short presentations covering the topic from three different perspectives:

A profitable coffee break.


Save time. Get knowledge, solutions and ideas. Prepare to migrate your network to higher bit rates.


Learn what your network needs to accelerate to 400G. Get comprehensive information on new optical technologies.


See how others are doing it. Benefit from the experience of major telecom operators. Access the latest technology in a cost-effective way.

Coffee Breaks | 23 March 2022

Coffee Breaks | 23 March 2022

Coffee Breaks | 23 March 2022

Meet our experts.

Marcin Bała

President of the Board

Jarosław Gorczowski

Member of the Board

Andrzej Wojnar

Director of Optical Transceivers Department

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